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The Amazing Spider-Man Suit was made by Peter Parker, sporting a homemade look. It’s created from spandex and the mask lenses are modified by sunglasses. Check out the best Amazing Spider-Man suit mod in Spider-Man PC.


About Marvel’s Spider-Man
Marvel’s Spider-Man features your favorite web-slinger in a story unlike any before it. Now a seasoned Super Hero, Peter Parker has been busy keeping crime off the streets as Spider-Man. Just as he’s ready to focus on life as Peter, a new villain threatens New York City. Faced with overwhelming odds and higher stakes, Spider-Man must rise up and be greater.

Gameplay by ynSection (PC)

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The “Amazing” Spider-Man Video Game in 2023

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I want you to imagine you’re back in 2004, as a young Spider-Man fan. You were just blessed with Spider-Man 2, which was a banger, and the next year you’d get to play Ultimate Spider-Man, which was also good. Now imagine your disappointment when Spider-Man 3 rolls around and you get this. Needless to say, the Spider-Man reputation took a hit. BUT, it was redeemed. Spider-Man Web of Shadows released the next year and while it had some issues with level design, it still provided a great open world Spider-Man game with swinging that many still consider the best. Then we got the more linear but no less great Shattered DImensions, and then Edge of Time. While many appreciate the games now, at the time the scores were not friendly. Then, with the announcement of the new cinematic reboot titled The Amazing Spider-Man, we also received a movie tie in game. Given the history, colour me sceptical.

Things have changed since the last few Spider-Man games. Most notably, things have changed with Batman. Since the release of Web of Shadows, the last open world Spider-Man game we received, the Arkham Series was already off the ground and we had both Asylum and City to solidify the dark knight’s seat on the throne atop the superhero genre. Spider-Man needed change, and the developers were acutely aware of the last few games disappointing numbers. This game had aims of taking a more realistic approach like the movie, but as you’ll see, that vision is left unfulfilled. What we ended up with was a game that at the time, I loved. One with genuinely incredible animations, fun enough gameplay, and traversal that on one hand is the most shallow and accessible, but on the other, is so unique with an arguably unintended amount of depth, that I can help but love it. It’s a game that holds little back and truly allows the player to experience more consistent large stakes battles.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man and sharing the title of the character’s longest-running comic book series of the same title. It is the fourth theatrical Spider-Man film produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment, a reboot of the series following Sam Raimi’s 2002–2007 Spider-Man trilogy, and the first of the two The Amazing Spider-Man films. The film was directed by Marc Webb and written by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves from a story by Vanderbilt, and stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker / Spider-Man alongside Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field. In the film, after Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider, he gains newfound, spider-like powers and ventures out to save the city from the machinations of the Lizard.

The Amazing Spider-Man is an open world video game based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man and the 2012 film of the same name. It was developed by Beenox and published by Activision. It was released on June 26 in North America and on June 29, 2012 in Europe for the Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows. A version for the Wii U was released in March 2013 in North America and Europe known as The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition in both regions. A PlayStation Vita version was released in November 2013. A sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was released in April 2014, itself based on the film.

The (not so) Amazing Spider-Man Game. The Amazing Spider-Man is the latest open world follow up to Spider-Man Web of Shadows. This video will not be The Amazing Spider-Man Review of the film but a The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review. This Spider-Man Game Review or The Amazing Spider-Man Critique or The Amazing Spider-Man Analysis is another part of the That Boy Aqua Spider-Man retrospective. That Boy Aqua will cover the infamous The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game and answer why many felt that The Amazing Spider-Man Bad or why they were some of the Worst Spider-Man Game. The Amazing Spider-Man Years Later is still fun, but the Amazing Spider-Man Game falls below other Spider-Man games.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Suit is SO GOOD

I’ve never got why people disliked the amazing spider-man 1 suit, because to me it is maybe the best
spider-man redesign ever. It manages to take something so familiar and change it to be just the right ammount different
where it is respecting the original design.

I understand why it is a bit polarizing, its got a lot features which are really wierd but surprisingly work, atleast for me.
Like those yellow lenses for example.

They’re probably the most controversial part of the suit, but they fit with the general design really well.
When I look at any image where he’s edited to have the traditional white eyes it just looks off to me.

I also feel it complements how spider-man is little more vengeful in this movie.
He designed this suit in the first place to help him find a killer,
not necessarily to embody with great power comes great responsibility.

The movie has a more serious tone and I think the suit works with that so well.
And I would agree if this suit was in any other movie it would not look as good.

So much of the scenes take place in dark places at night. And thats where the suit looks best.

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The Amazing Spider-Man – Making the Suit (Andrew Garfield #shorts #short #shortvideo #4k)

Peter (Andrew Garfield) engineers a spider suit from scratch.
#spiderman #shorts #short #shortvideo

Watch the full movie!

Teenage social outcast Peter (Andrew Garfield) spends his days trying to unravel the mystery of his own past and win the heart of his high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). A mysterious briefcase belonging to his father, who abandoned him when he was a child, leads Peter to his dad’s former partner, Dr. Connors. The discovery of his father’s secret will ultimately shape his destiny of becoming “Spider-Man” and bring him face to face with Connors’ villainous alter ego, the Lizard.

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The Amazing Spider-Man – All Suits & Costumes (2012)

• The Amazing Spider-Man features a total of 10 suits and costumes for you to unlock, including Cross Species, the Black Suit, and more. This video will showcase all of them. Enjoy!

Spider-Man’s strength and powers are tested when he is forced to save the world after Manhattan gets threatened by a deadly cross-species virus, robots created by Oscorp, and Super Villains including the Lizard, Rhino, Scorpion, and more.

• The Amazing Spider-Man Playlist:

00:00 Default Suit
01:03 Scarlet Spider
03:02 New Black Suit
04:38 Negative Zone
05:31 Default Suit (No Belt)
06:24 Cross Species
07:43 Future Foundation
09:22 Raimi Black Suit
10:33 Raimi Suit
12:31 Vigilante
13:45 Big Time
15:09 Birthday Suit

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Movie Accurate TASM Mod – Marvel’s Spider-Man

AgroFro really got the TASM suit moive accurate! I loved Insomniac’s take on the suit, but the lenses and details were a little too different from the movie. At least we get the best of both worlds with mods! Check out the most accurate TASM mod yet from AgroFro.

TASM mod by AgroFro:

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The Amazing Spider-Man – All Suits Showcase (4K 60FPS)

The Amazing Spider-Man All Suits Showcase (4K 60FPS) PC Gameplay (No Commentary)

This video will showcase all suits and DLC suits in The Amazing Spider-Man on the PC, Enjoy.

The Amazing Spider-Man was released nearly 10 years ago back in 2012 the game originally released on PC, PS3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, iOS, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Wii & Nintendo 3DS (The game is no longer available digitally on any of these platforms but you can still find physical copies of the game online)

Did you play The Amazing Spider-Man? Have you played any of the old Spider-Man games before? Let me know in the comments down below! Thanks for watching!

All footage is captured by me on PC at 4K 60FPS.

Default / Amazing Suit
Cross-Species Spider-Man
New Black Suit
Classic Suit
Classic Black Suit
Scarlet Spider
Future Foundation
Negative Zone
Default (No Belt)

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Symbiote Transformation – Marvel’s Spider-Man

I really would’ve loved to see Andrew’s take on Peter with the black suit. It would have made for a great story following Gwen’s death. Especially with what he said in No Way Home!

Mod by nahuelisimo1197:

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