I ADDED 43+ NEW Suits To Marvels Spider-Man PC And They’re PERFECTION

That’s right, I added 43 new spider-man suits to marvels spider-man pc and they’re actually perfect. All of these suits have been made by an amazing modder called Bogu, Bogu has added 43 suits from August 2022, until the final mod added February 1st 2023, Bogu has decided to retire and that is okay, I wish him the best of luck and I wanted to make this video to showcase every single suit.

BoguslawJestem Nexus Mods Profile here:

Marvel’s Spider-Man PC Suit Mod List is as follows:
Symbiote Suit (Black,Blue,Violet) Variations

Classic Scarlet Spider Suit

Ultimate Spider-Man And Ultimate Spider-Man Symbiote Suit

Edge of Time Suits, Damaged, Black and Classic

Amazing Spider-Man Suits, Classic and Symbiote

Superior Spider-Man Classic And Negative Suit

Web of Shadows Classic and Symbiote Suit

Ben Reilly Sensational Suit, Classic Blue & Red, Black & White and Classic Suit with Black Logo

Classic Iron Spider Suits, Red & Gold, Black & Gold, Black & White

Spider-Man Noir Concept Suit Classic & Black Version

McFarlane Classic Spider-Man Suit & Symbiote Black Suit

Dell’otto Classic Spider-Man Suit & Symbiote Black Suit

Spider-Man Classic Suit Pack 1 – ITSV Parker, 90’s Bagley and Checchetto

Spider-Man Classic Suit Pack 2 – Alex Ross, Scott Johnson and Romita Sr.

Classic Spider-Man 2099 & Flipside Suit

Mightyraccoon!’s Spider-Man Reborn Animation Concept Classic & Symbiote Suits

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