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Press to pick them up. You’ll need to pick up the groom. After clearing all crimes in a district they will keep spawning infinitely in case you need more Crime Tokens. The crimes pop up every 300-1000 meters traveled within a district. 40 Demon Crimes: See Sable Crimes. 45 Thug Crimes: See Sable Crimes. You must achieve 100% completion in all districts, that means all Crimes too. To get 100% completion you must do all side missions. Research Stations can also be tracked via the Missions Menu. Enter the research stations and interact with the display inside, then it tells you what the task is and how to complete it (generally with waypoints). The Last Research Station in Upper West Side only unlocks after completing all other Research Stations. 17 Research Stations: They are unique mini quests. 16 Taskmaster Challenges: There are 4 types of challenges – Combat, Stealth, Bomb,…

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