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Even though the MCU movies have avoided recreating the death of Uncle Ben, there is a touching reference to it as Peter’s suitcase has the initials BFP. Peter’s classmates tag along during his world tour. So far, those classmates are confirmed as Ned, Zendaya’s Michelle and Tony Revolori’s Flash Thompson. After the water Elemental attacks Venice, Flash Thompson reveals that he read online that the creature was originally Morris Bench, who gained the powers after his exposure to an experimental generator. On the one hand, you have Peter Parker, who wants to make his mentor proud, and on the other, you’ve got a bunch of annoyed former employees. Shocker, but Mysterio wasn’t telling the truth and Quentin Beck is just a disgruntled former employee of Tony Stark. As it turns out, Gyllenhaal’s fishbowl wearing Mysterio isn’t the film’s antagonist: he’s the co-protagonist, at least at the start of the film.…

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