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Something happened a few years ago that made this particular unicorn mask, as well as a very similar-looking horse mask, become very popular, to the point where there are even a few memes dedicated to them, and the trend seems to continue to this day. If you want to spend the night out trick-or-treating with the boys, one of the best things about this costume is that you and the entire gang can dress up as pirates, batman costume and one of you can even go ahead and dress up as a pirate captain if they want.

powerpuff girls costume cosplay

Created by an aging Bruce to elongate his crime-fighting career, the suit featured a sleek black and red design, perfect for animation. After the murder of his father, Terry steals the Batman Beyond suit from Bruce Wayne, determined to bring his father’s killer to justice. Taking place in 2039, Batman Beyond follows the future Batman, Terry McGinnis. Terry’s high tech Batsuit has become an iconic aspect of the show and in his comics, distinguishing him from other iterations of future Batmen.