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Do you want to wear a regular Superhero suit or want to become speedy legend in Spiderman costume? With all his new superpowers, Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) can go out and battle the Green Goblin& – and also impress Mary Jane Watson at last. The best part is that players can unlock special modifiers that can make the suit move as it did in the film, making this a must-wear for any fan of Into the Spider-Verse. In Homecoming, Tony Stark tells Peter, “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” Peter had to learn the hard way that the costume doesn’t make the hero. Similar to the way Tom Holland’s Spider-Man suit was completed with an internal A.I. Obviously you look at it and think “That’s Spider-Man” but it felt really new and original. The costume was only featured in Spider-Man: No Way Home in its…

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