What If ….. Spiderman #shorts #youtubeshorts #mcu #marvel #spiderman

What If ….. Spiderman #shorts #youtubeshorts #mcu #marvel #spiderman

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“Spider-Man & Black Cat, Date Night” Amazing Spider-Man (2022) Complete Story

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AI Description
In this video, I’m telling the complete story of Spider-Man’s death from his first appearance to the end of the storyline. This video is a comprehensive look at Spider-Man’s death, from character development to plot points to analysis.

If you’re a fan of Spider-Man, then this video is a must-watch! In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of Spider-Man’s death, this video also includes exclusive plot spoilers for the latest Spider-Man storyline! So if you haven’t yet read the latest comics, then this video is not for you!

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Spider-Man CUCKED by Marvel Comics! Fans ENRAGED

Amazing Spider-Man writer says “people will be very mad at me” after May’s big shocker, and Marvel has cautioned him against conventions because of it. “Nick Lowe told me not to do any comic conventions after this issue comes out.” Zeb Wells teases his plans for Amazing Spider-Man.

Thanks to Wells, Spider-Man is about to face one of his biggest challenges. Amazing Spider-Man #26 will be released in May, and Marvel has teased that it will be the most shocking issue of the title in 50 years. A tease like that naturally got us curious, so Popverse sat down to have a conversation with Wells. The writer discussed the past year of his run, the creative decisions he’s made, and the creation of the fan favorite character Rek-Rap. Wells also teased the future of the title, and why his editor want him to avoid comic conventions after his current storyline concludes.

This is all leading to Amazing Spider-Man #26, which you have called the most shocking event to happen to Spider-Man in 50 years. Back in 1973 Marvel killed Gwen Stacy. I know that you can’t tell us what this shocking thing is, but what can you tease?
I can tease that many people will be very mad at me. I can tease that Nick (Lowe) told me not to do any comic conventions after this issue comes out (laughs). People will be upset.

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