The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Final Battle with healthbars

This video has deleted/extended scenes that were never shown in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 so I have decided to add these scenes in honor of Marc Webb’s Cut that were deleted by Sony. Hope you guys like the deleted/extended scenes that I’ve reconstructed for my own version.

Deleted/Extended Scenes:

Scene #1 – 0:20-0:23
Scene #2 – 1:18-1:28
Scene #3 – 2:29-2:30
Scene #4 – 2:49-2:50
Scene #5 – 2:52-2:52
Scene #6 – 2:54-2:56
Scene #7 – 2:57-2:58
Scene #8 – 3:04-3:08
Scene #9 – 3:55-3:56


Harry, as the Green Goblin, arrives equipped with Norman’s weaponry. Upon seeing Gwen, he deduces Spider-Man’s secret identity and swearing revenge for being refused the blood transfusion, takes her to the top of a large clock tower. Peter manages to subdue the Goblin but is unable to save Gwen, who falls to her death. Guilt-ridden and depressed, Peter ends his career as Spider-Man.

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Outro created by Gabriel Dietrichson (or GD2)
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