Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ALTERNATE SUITS WISHLIST – (Peter + Miles + Black Suits)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is right around the corner so today, I’m compiling ALL my wishlist videos for alternate suits that I want to see in the game into ONE VIDEO! Today, let’s talk about Peter Parker suits, Miles Morales suits, AND Black/Symbiote suits that should show up in the game!

0:00 Intro
0:35 Peter Parker Suits
15:32 Miles Morales Suits
25:00 Black/Symbiote Suits
32:50 Outro

► Koa_pool’s 3D Model of Spectacular Spider-Man:

► spider_.bite’s Vintage Comic Book Suit edits:


Spider-Man as a character is not owned be me, but is owned by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Marvel Entertainment. Spider-Man PS4 as a game is owned by Insomniac, Marvel Entertainment, Sony Entertainment and all related parties.

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The Amazing Spider-Man – All Suits & Costumes (2012)

• The Amazing Spider-Man features a total of 10 suits and costumes for you to unlock, including Cross Species, the Black Suit, and more. This video will showcase all of them. Enjoy!

Spider-Man’s strength and powers are tested when he is forced to save the world after Manhattan gets threatened by a deadly cross-species virus, robots created by Oscorp, and Super Villains including the Lizard, Rhino, Scorpion, and more.

• The Amazing Spider-Man Playlist:

00:00 Default Suit
01:03 Scarlet Spider
03:02 New Black Suit
04:38 Negative Zone
05:31 Default Suit (No Belt)
06:24 Cross Species
07:43 Future Foundation
09:22 Raimi Black Suit
10:33 Raimi Suit
12:31 Vigilante
13:45 Big Time
15:09 Birthday Suit

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The Amazing Spider-Man – All Suits Showcase (4K 60FPS)

The Amazing Spider-Man All Suits Showcase (4K 60FPS) PC Gameplay (No Commentary)

This video will showcase all suits and DLC suits in The Amazing Spider-Man on the PC, Enjoy.

The Amazing Spider-Man was released nearly 10 years ago back in 2012 the game originally released on PC, PS3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, iOS, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Wii & Nintendo 3DS (The game is no longer available digitally on any of these platforms but you can still find physical copies of the game online)

Did you play The Amazing Spider-Man? Have you played any of the old Spider-Man games before? Let me know in the comments down below! Thanks for watching!

All footage is captured by me on PC at 4K 60FPS.

Default / Amazing Suit
Cross-Species Spider-Man
New Black Suit
Classic Suit
Classic Black Suit
Scarlet Spider
Future Foundation
Negative Zone
Default (No Belt)

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