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After four entries featuring either homemade or alternate-colored versions of the costume, this next pick is the first on the list that evokes memories of the Spider-Man costume fans know and love from Marvel Comics. Chief among these are the fedora and trenchcoat, lending this version of Spider-Man a far different and more incognito look than any of the other versions. The three versions of Spider-Man have a genuine bond. It was bad enough to have a snout-less Lizard, but one thing that seemed to really get under people’s skin was the look of the suit. The result is a new suit that merges the classic red of Spider-Man with black accents that replace the blue, symbolizing a departure for Peter into a post-Stark world, one where he’ll have to learn a little more how to make his own way. However, while the Marvel’s Spider-Man community was initially unsure of the outfit, many have come to love it over the years – including a very talented artist. Created specifically for this game, this suit was designed by artist Gabriel Dell’Otto. Available after the opening part of the game, with no unlock price.

This Spider-Man is a part of the Captain Britain Corps, who went off to help alternate dimensions in the original comic book ‘Spiderverse’ storyline. The second homemade suit’s classical look honors Spider-Man’s meetings with his Multiverse alternate selves. This is the suit Spider-Man uses during the final battle with the Multiverse villains. The Upgraded Spider-Suit increases the amperage of his taser web to 25 percent, an improvement that comes in handy during the battle in London against Mysterio’s drones. When it comes to concise comic books, “The Clone Saga” is not among them. The Vintage Comic Book Suit looks like it has been taken straight out of the comics, and that’s why its power is the most unique. Armaan Ali is a writer, artist, comic book fanatic, movie lover and video game enjoyer. There have been a few stumbling blocks along the ay, but overall, the webslinger’s look has only matured and been improved. All it means is that there is a time and place to start playing around with how Spider-Man looks, and filmmakers have to choose their battles.

Throughout the films and TV shows, there have been looks based on his classic suit, his variant suits (such as the black symbiote), even the Spider-suits worn by other characters like Ben Reilly. There’s a chance that this scene happens later after the two characters have already met and formed a rivalry. At this point in the movie’s development, the character’s designs seem to be already ironed out, but this scene was never depicted in the film. This suit by RtRadke takes us back to that first film. Two months later, Peter is still waiting to hear back from Happy over any new missions. Spider-Man is still recovering from a near career-ending injury, so the fact he’s back in action at all is incredibly impressive. With the initial reveal showing us Peter and Miles in New York City with a new, very recognizable villain causing trouble, we can hardly wait to swing right into the action. This means you can use any suit power with any suit, mixing and matching as you see fit. While the story behind the design connected with the ongoing story of the MCU, some would have liked to see a more comic-accurate version of the Vulture which is represented in this concept art.

The homemade suit doesn’t have a lot of time on screen but it is the one Spider-Man uses during his confrontation with the Vulture. While this suit may not have as many functions as the Stark tech-heavy suits, it respects Spidey’s spirit as a hero. The variant cover captures the coolness of the hero with the pose while offering a dynamic perspective. That’s not to say that every variant design in films and on television has been bad– far from it, actually. MJ’s future in the MCU is now quite a mystery, but as was proven in this movie, never say never to the Peter/MJ love story continuing in some way. The Advanced Suit is unlocked through completing one of the early story missions, after Dr. Otto Octavius discovers Peter Parker repairing one of the older Spider-Man costumes. This piece includes SPOILERS for all the previous live-action Spidey movies and one recently released non-Spidey film, but we’ll include a warning before diving into that. Tony Stark is unsurprisingly unimpressed with the suit, calling it a onesie and later nicknaming Spidey ‘underoos’ because of it.

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