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Spider-Man’s Secret War costume is going through something of a resurgence in popularity thanks to the Spider-Man PS4 game. Be warned I’m going to SPOIL   deadpool costume  part of the ending for you. Mr Hunter said Spiderman had always been a massive part of his life. His gradual deteriorated prompted a redesign that saw Otto modifying his four arms so they were stronger while being attached to a larger frame that housed his entire body as a life support system, making him more machine than man. After a fusion power project goes wrong in 2004’s Spider-Man 2, nuclear scientist Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) ends up with a set of artificially intelligent robotic tentacles fused to his spine and earns the tabloid moniker “Doctor Octopus.” Not only does the tentacles’ stupidly delicate inhibitor chip get smashed, but Doc Ock’s wife also dies in the fusion accident. Okay so I’ve been pretty wrong…

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