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Explosives: Small arachnid shaped explosives can be launched from the wrists of the suits gloves. We just wish those cool suits translated into good performances, as Spider-Man is well represented on this list of the worst superhero acting performances of all time. The majority of the suits in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man are pulled straight from the pages of comic books. Maguire’s Spider-Man is an impressive Spider-Man on his own and doesn’t need to rely on tech, but we have to give this round to Holland’s Spider-Man. Still, Maguire’s Spider-Man had to deal with a lot on his plate. Spider-Man has a lot of people aided him through the movies. A hero is nothing if he can’t survive the beatings he’s given, and both of these Spider-Men have had to endure a lot of hits in their battles to save NY and the universe. This was a tough one to take…

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