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Despite dropping several pairs of glasses on the floor, they were in and out within 50 seconds and scarpered before police were able to respond. Despite issues with the rent and jobs, Marvel’s Spider-Man manages to have a closet full of costumes, enough to rival any billionaire vigilantes or armored Avengers. Marvel’s Avengers fans on PlayStation have been looking forward to Spider-Man’s arrival for over a year, and the hero’s release is finally imminent. This truth almost turned him over to the other side if it wasn’t for his friends. The little dance you’re seeing here found a home as a GIF on the internet over the years, and while it has been adjusted some in Destiny 2 (presumably because its origins have been lost for a few centuries in the game’s universe), we know its origins: director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. This is the infamous dance Peter Parker did…

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