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Yank enemy weapons out of their hands. First, a suit packed to the brim with weapons. During the Civil War, Spider-Man joins Iron Man’s team ( and gets given an iron spider suit ) and dons a new Iron Spider costume. With Harry victorious, Spider-Man convinced him not to kill Norman as it was exactly what the madman wanted. He fights new villains including Mister Negative, Screwball, the Spider-Mugger, Menace who is the girlfriend of Harry, Kraven’s daughter Ana Kravinoff in the story Kraven’s First Hunt, the New Vulture in 24/7, teams-up with Anti-Venom to fight Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts in New Ways to Die and is accused of murder during the Character Assassination story. He tries to warn Peter from following Ezekiel but Peter lashes out in anger and the two set off to find Kraven’s base. Peter fought the good fight with the Avengers while aunt May started a…

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