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Luckily, we found six Halloween costumes that are guaranteed to ship in two days or less — and an adorable bonus getup for your dog. Comic guide Peter Parker would often make back-up plans, and that’s what the MK 3 Spider-armor is – a contingency plan for combating the Sinister Six. Yet, as many fans might agree, the way something is depicted in a comic book does not always translate to the same degree in a cinematic adaptation, which could be for the better or, unfortunately, girl spiderman costume the worst. It doesn’t have a firm release date yet, so you may need to take a few catnaps before it arrives, but it will be a glorious day when it does. The franchise was rebooted in 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield and following a licencing agreement between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios the character continues to appear…

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