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This Peter wasn’t his usual cash-strapped self, either. The suit was OK even with the clunky web-shooter, and it was cool to see Peter Parker interacting with J. Jonah Jameson, but it still didn’t feel very much like the Spidey I knew from the comics. Cruz Beckham appeared to be in his element as he transformed into Spiderman in the lead up to a cinema trip to see the franchise’s latest installment, No Way Home. Camilla looked ashen-faced as she listened to the anonymous woman, who was trafficked to Northern Ireland via Germany from her home country of Somalia, tearfully recall how four of her six  harley quinn outfit   children – all boys – were stabbed to death by her former partner, who also tried to kill her. We can all call equivalencies from the armchair and feel very smart, but in case you hadn’t noticed there is a country in…

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