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The Uptown Pride Suit is also here because it is largely the same as the Classic Suit, but with gold accents instead of red. Garfield, 38, said when asked if he wore the “same suit” in a recent interview with   hot cosplay  Josh Horowitz for the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast. Character headpiece. Heater: The suit has a built-in heating system to keep Spider-Man warm. Character headpiece. Includes jumpsuit. Officially licensed. Includes jumpsuit. Yellow (Electro’s most well-known color scheme in comics) due to the look being too silly to use in a darker-toned film series. A suit from a great and all-too-short animated series, this show saw Spidey don a different suit due to the show not possessing the rights to use the classic suit due to the Marvel and Sony deal. The result of the collaboration is a much more polished Spidey movie that isn’t weighed down by multiple villains or…

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