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Fortunately, Spider-Man: Homecoming was a crowd-pleaser, and it allowed Peter to come out from under Iron Man’s high-tech wing and realize that it was his heart, not his suit, that made him a hero. Besides sharing Iron Man’s color scheme, the Iron Spider costume featured increased protection than his regular red and blues, as well rocket boots and robotic stinger arms located on his back. And we kept the emblems on the chest and the back in 3D style, as well as some deco lines located on the color boundary. Many witches and good fairies roam the neighborhood as well. Furthermore, the lenses of the suit’s mask are expressive and can squint inwards as well as outwards. Head size: If the mechanical lenses are not needed, we can custom make the size of the face shell. Check the info of the spiderman mask with mechanical lenses for reference. The colorful…

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